The Cruise Ship Interiors Expo 2022 Farewell Party @ the Miami Innovation Lounge

Following the CSI Expo, brand members and guests were invited to ILM’s Farewell Afterparty.

Those invited grabbed a wristband at the expo and used it to access a night of relaxation and entertainment at the ILM showroom, complete with a great DJ, delicious food, and wonderful ambiance.

The venue showcased a number of brand members products that are set up beautifully in the ILM rooms. The party provided great exposure for brand members, whose products and hard work were admired by guests from all over the world.

But aside from the business aspect, the party offered a fun and exciting atmosphere for creatives to celebrate their efforts and finally sit back and relax after working so hard to make CSI a success.

Over 100 attendees got to enjoy the great conversation, music, and overall atmosphere, that was made possible through the efforts of so many.

At the end of the day, that was perhaps the most important purpose that the party served; a farewell to CSI and a celebration of the hard work, planning, detailing, overcoming obstacles and collaboration that made it possible.