BAUMTEC USA Launch Their New Diani Cabana Line

Made of wood waste and recyclable resins, Sustainable Wood Composites offer a circular, long-lasting, low maintenance alternative for wood, OSB, fiber-cement, vinyl and more.

Miami, FL, May 23, 2022 – Another product from Baumtec USA, designed with the environment in mind, that is generating lots of buzz in hospitality is their new cabana line. Baumtec has designed and developed their new, sustainable Diani Cabana Line, made from SWC (Sustainable Wood Composite). The cabana’s cube structure is built on an aluminum frame that hosts the slats, which compose the walls and roof of the cabana. The Diani Line has a standard cube size of 9.8 feet (3 meters) for each wall, with the standard model featuring slats in brown with a soft plain finish. However, this premium product line is fully customizable. The finish of each slat can have any texture or feel you’d like, embossed, grooved or sanded. The color palette to choose from is infinite, as are the options for size and dimensions.

The Sustainable Wood Composite is a vital element of the product. The durability of the SWC used is much better than that of the wood product it replaces. Cabanas are constantly exposed to the elements and all types of weather that may directly affect their look and condition. Not only does the Diani Cabana Line significantly increase time between replacement cycles, but it also maintains a better look throughout its product life.